Get Paid to Lend Crypto

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Get Instant Cash

Basepay will offer an intuitive interface for peer 2 peer lending. All Basepay loans are backed by digital assets as collateral. This enables Basepay to instantly approve your loan without a credit score. Spend your funds instantly on your Basepay virtual card.

10 Million Funded


Since 2015, Basepay’s core team has worked with thousands of small business owners to secure over ten million dollars in funding. Basepay combines real world loan experience with blockchain technology to create a peer to peer, trust-less loan network.

Grow Your Portfolio

Basepay was designed for entrepreneurs or traders who can spot short-term opportunities. Pay your loan back in 1 day and you’ll only pay 0.5% interest. This means you can buy the dip and sell the tip by taking out a loan against your existing assets.

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Instant Approvals



  • Peer 2 Peer
  • Daily 0.5% interest
  • Collateralized by crypto
  • Flexible 1 to 90 day terms
  • Instant approval
  • No credit required
  • Borrow up to 70%
  • 45 day median value
  • Keep your ownership
  • Get your crypto back

Earn Daily Interest

Basepay enables you to earn 0.5% interest daily on your digital asset holdings. Control and set loan terms between 1 and 90 days.  All loans are backed by digital holdings and secured via smart contract.


Decentralized Loans


Lend your digital assets to earn a daily interest. Create a loan or borrow request instantly in our simple interface. P2P platforms are among the fastest growing segment in the financial services space, expected to reach $897 billion by 2024.

Bears Rejoice



  • Leverage your assets
  • Short-term daily loans
  • Distributed risk
  • Crowd lending pool
  • Secured by crypto
  • No banks
  • No paperwork

Collateralized & Secure


All loans on Basepay’s platform will be collateralized by digital assets and secured by smart contracts. Basepay will allow you to borrow up to 70% of the 45 day median value of your digital asset.

Borrow Wisely


Basepay allows borrowers to sell their digital asset to pay back their loan any time the value is greater than the amount owed. In the case where the value of the borrowed asset falls below the open loan amount, this would invoke a margin call, giving borrowers the opportunity to pay back the loan. Our system is akin to margin trading.

Smart Contract Powered




Smart contracts are computer programs that can automatically execute an agreement based on programmed logic. Read more.




Growing your digital net worth just got easy with Basepay.

  • Virtual Cards
  • Decentralized Exchange
  • Peer 2 Peer Loans
  • Secure Wallet
  • Worldwide
  • Fee-less
  • 1,000+ Assets
  • Financial Inclusion



Move money faster and cheaper. Instead of it taking several days to transfer your money from your bank, it can take 3-5 seconds to complete your payment.

50 Trillion Globally


Basepay will enable consumers to spend crypto and merchants to accept digital assets worldwide. Merchants processed a total of $20.600 trillion on credit cards in 2016 and projected to reach $52.390 trillion in 2026.

Join the Revolution



Basepay is a fee-less digital payment application under development for the web, iOS and Android. Designed for SCP: Stellar Consensus Protocol; a construction for (FBA) federated Byzantine agreements and powered by the Basepay token.

Financial Inclusion


Basepay will leverage the Stellar Platform to promote financial inclusion worldwide through an ecosystem of consumer-facing financial technologies: virtual cards, merchant POS interface, digital asset trading, crypto loans and a digitized wallet.

Economic Freedom


Access to financial systems such as banks, credit cards or loans is proven to advance the economic and social welfare of humanity.  Traditional financial institutions lag behind in providing free, fast, and secure transactions.  Digitization of payments, transfers and remittances promotes economic growth, financial inclusion and empowerment.

Connecting the global economy


Bringing financial inclusion to the world

Distributed Exchange


Centralized exchanges pose risks in data ownership, privacy and security. Offers on Basepay to trade one currency for another at a specific price (like buy and sell orders on Binance) will be represented on the Stellar DEX.

Watch video to learn about SCP

Private & Secure


DEXs allow you to exchange values person to person, meaning that you never have to submit your private keys to a third party upon deposit. With decentralized exchanges, you’re essentially exchanging IOUs with other traders until you wish to withdraw your funds. Read more.

AML Compliant


Basepay employs AML and KYC procedures to protect token holders.